The Beginning

My journey has just begun, but already my incredible new business opportunity has transformed my life in just 6 months.  However I have a huge vision where I will have financial freedom and choices in my life I have never had before!

So here’s a little about me, 6 months ago!  I have been an Arts Practitioner for 18 years which is a great career full of creativity, I write scripts, I teach children, I make puppets and I produce and project manage theatre & dance projects. As a career it is full of fun, variety and passion and I love what I do, but in order to create a healthy income for me and my family I have to work many many hours, which means I am constantly trading hours for time. It also can be unpredictable as even if you have employed work in the arts funding is not always 100% secure and I have on more than one occasion lost work due to funding cuts. I used to work a 6 day week, which to me was normal and because I love what I do it didn’t feel like a hard slog but then 2 years ago something changed I was diagnosed with a brain aneurism which meant I had to have a long time off work to recover from the operation. At the time I was self-employed this meant we had to survive on my husband’s income, which was very hard and got us further into debt. Really the worry of the debt is something I could have done without as well as going through something quite scary and life threatening! Not only did this experience make me re-evaluate my life and want to spend more time with my family and less time working, it also made me realise I needed to be more prepared for the future as you never know what might happen.

So fast forward to now, 6 months into my journey on my new venture for financial freedom. I no longer work 6 days a week, I have been able to cut my hours down to 4 days a week, which is amazing as it is already giving me more freedom and also energy to spend time with my family because I am no longer exhausted due to working crazy long hours! Which means I am building my new business around my life rather than my life fitting around work!

So just sit back and join me on the road whilst I drive you through an exhilarating journey……..!


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