Show a Smile


When grey clouds seem to taunt you

Dreary dream echoes daunt you

Don’t let the thunder haunt you

Show a smile

When life warns a weary sadness

Don’t tumble in the madness

Whisper words of gladness

Show a smile

If gentle lips aren’t there to kiss you

And the mobile ring still miss you

Don’t let hard knocks dismiss you

Show a smile

When I’m not there to meet you

No petite hand yearns to reach you

Don’t let loneliness defeat you

Show a smile

Imagine my web of warm embrace

Dainty fingers caress your face

Weave through your delicate heart

Show a smile

When you weary head is sagging

And your dazzling spirit flagging

Although your starry eyes are lagging

Show a smile

Written by Melanie Lewis

I wanted to share this poem I wrote this for my Best friend.  This was to lift his spirits when he was feeling low with life, when he was missing me.  I wanted to show him there was a way!  Life doesn’t happen to you, life is created by your decisions.  You can change your life by creating your happiness.  Don’t sit back and let life happen!  A happy life is a healthy mind set and it takes work!  But with a little bit of positive energy and love everyday our lives can be wonderful! Happiness takes work, but it is work that is definitely worth it!

Painting credits (City by the Lake by Leonid Afremov)


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