Don’t let people effect your energy


So just a little thought for today……I am a positive person and I believe will all my heart that life doesn’t happen to you!  You have to go out there and make your dreams and wishes come true, they won’t just happen!  You have to grab them!  The same is with your happiness and your wellbeing.  Don’t put your emotions into auto pilot. In order to be happy and at peace with your life you need to be aware of your emotions and alert to how you are feeling.  Now some people might think this is a load of baloney, but the important thing is I don’t!  Making sure each day you are conscious of how you are feeling helps you to maintain a healthy mindset and a day where people other people cannot effect you.  I’m not saying that you can float around the day in a constant happiness, oblivious to everyone around. However, not letting other people effect your wellbeing is being on the path of least resistance.  In order to do this you need to build yourself so high that if anybody does try to effect you, it only takes a moment or a bit of rethinking to get you back on your steady road!

More than anything feel gratitude for everything you have in your life and count your blessings, not what you don’t have!  Counting your blessings will make you feel so grateful and full of happiness, this will then be a point of attraction to create more good things in your life, as you will attract them to you.  Be negative and think about the bad things in life and you will attract that to you and it will stick.

So every day I count my blessings, and if anyone should enter my energy that effects how I feel, I list everything in my life and the world I love and it soon lifts me out of my grey feeling.  So don’t put your feelings on auto pilot, as you are the ruler of you true destiny!


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